Setting up Openshift environment

Configuring up Docker Daemon

cat <<EOF >> /etc/docker/daemon.json
  "insecure-registries" : [

systemctl status docker
systemctl restart docker
systemctl status docker

Install Openshift

Download and setup oc

cd /root

wget -c

tar -xzf openshift-origin-server-v3.11.0-0cbc58b-linux-64bit.tar.gz

ln -s /root/openshift-origin-server-v3.11.0-0cbc58b-linux-64bit/oc  /usr/bin/oc

ln -s  ~/openshift-origin-server-v3.11.0-0cbc58b-linux-64bit/oadm /usr/bin/oadm

Bootstrap an openshift environment

oc cluster up --help

oc cluster up

replace with the public hostname of your host

from web use https://HOST:8443/console (login with user developer, any password)

To login using console

oc login -u system:admin

Create and switch to a new Project

oc login -u developer

oc projects

oc new-project test

oc projects

oc new-project instavote  --display-name="Instavote" --description="Example Voting App"

oc project instavote

oc config get-contexts

Check out Supporting code

Check out the supporting code from the repository given below. This contains directory structure and supporting YAML files and scaffold useful during this course.

git clone
cd oc-code